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Monday, December 3, 2018

How To Fix No Match File Error Complete Receiver 1506g Cod

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How To Fix No Match File Error Complete Method Multimedia Receiver 1506g Cod URDU HINDI
When we try to update our receiver then a problem we face that is no file match error. this problem commonly occurs in digital satellite receiver. When we try to upgrade our receiver software. When we new software uploaded from USB. Then we face this problem. When we try to upload software from USB flash drive this problem faces many 1506 cod receivers. So you face the same problem. than see full detail under provide in full detail.

1. Press Menu Button From Remote 

How To Fix No Match File Error Complete
How To Fix No Match File Error Complete

2. Go to Setting And Press Upgrade Option

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3. Go to USB Card Update

How To Fix No Match File Error Complete

4. And Select File From Card And USB First Updater 
5. And Select Second Update File And Then Install Software

                    For More Information To See This Video

                             Download First Update Download From Here

                                                       Download First Update

                       And Software Download Link Is                                      Here  1506G_512_4M_SCB3__SmartCam_V8.04.21
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