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Dinner time is very important for the health of the heart

Dinner time is very important for the health of the heart

There is evidence that eating times have an impact on the heart and metabolic health.

As was reported last year, calorie burn rate varies at different times of the day, while having no fixed diet and sleep time can lead to obesity.
Dinner time is very important for the health of the heart

The study says that the body burns 10 percent more calories in the morning and early in the evening than in the morning.

The findings of the study strengthen the evidence of the effects of the physiological clock on metabolism.

According to research reports, excessive calories consumed at dinner can increase physical edema, which is linked to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Now a new study has reinforced this evidence and it has been reported that eating more calories than eating during the day can damage the blood vessels of women.

The results of this research from the Columbia University of America were presented at the American Heart Association conference.

The study recruited 112 healthy women, with an average age of 33 years.

Researchers reviewed women's health for a year, taking into account the risk factors for blood vessels.

These factors included blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, physical activity distance, diet, weight, and smoking, based on these factors, researchers estimated the heart health of each volunteer female.

The women also recorded their eating habits on mobile phones and told them what they ate daily, how much they ate, and when to eat.

Researchers looked at this data to correlate blood artery health and eating times.

The results showed that women who consumed more calories than the day before 6 o'clock in the body, their blood artery system health deteriorated.

Researchers discovered that getting more calories after 6 pm resulted in increased blood pressure and body weight, while blood sugar levels also started to go up.

The same findings were also discovered in the study after 8 pm.

Researchers say that the prevention of cardiovascular disease requires a focus on lifestyle, such as when we eat and in what quantities.

He said that in order to make these results more credible, it should be widely tested among individuals of different races.
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