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Friday, November 29, 2019

Top 13+ Best unique ways to grow your business simple trick

When it comes to promoting a new commodity and service for your business, it can materialize, like there are endless options. It can be difficult to figure out where to get started and which mode of the promotion will give you the best results. The truth is that there are many ways to upgrade your business, and what works may depend on your business. Here are 10 ways to promote a new service and commodity for your profession.

Grow your business within days best ways to promote your business.

How to Promote New Products or Service

If you’ve ever come out with a new commodity or service, you know how hard it can be to get the word out. You could be offering the best new commodity, commodity or service in the world, but if you don’t promote it best way, you may end up losing money down the line. Here are some creative ways to promote a new service and commodity for your small business.

1. Consider the franchise model is best to promote products

If you have a successful business, and you are looking to grow really fast, consider franchising it. Even though franchise costs are high and moving to a franchise model is complex and a lot of marketing knowledge, if you are really looking for rapid growth, it can make all the difference.

2. Acquire other businesses is best for promoting products.

Sometimes, acquiring another business is a quick way to grow your own business. If you can find competitors or businesses in other industries that complement your own, you can use them as a platform on a fast scale. Take a look at your industry and beyond to find the potential for potential opportunities.

3. Facebook Ads is best to promote products

With 1.44 billion monthly and almost weekly active users, Facebook has a huge market. That’s why Facebook ads are the best marketing tool. Facebook is especially useful for targeting your audience, as Facebook's impressive data collection allows businesses to target by gender, age, location, interest and more. You also have an option for the type of ad you want, and you can easily stick to your budget by creating a campaign on how much you want to spend daily or monthly.

4. Offer an Upgrade or Trade-In is best to promote products

If your business is based on commodity-based salons, spas, and more fitness services The center, or consulting business, can offer customers an upgrade to try out your new service. Offering a new facial or massage at your hotel? Provide the best new upgrade for existing customers to try it out! Expanding your consulting services? Offer expanded services to loyal clients so they can see the difference! If your new commodity is, in fact, an upgrade on an older one, you can consider crafting a trade-in promotion. Trade-in promotions are proven to be effective because they incentive consumers to buy a new commodity using a token or credit they already have (the commodity they own). You can also resell the old trade-in commodity, provided they are in good enough condition or use them for future giveaways.

5. Share on Social Media is best to promote products

Another way to promote new commodities and services is to announce and share this on social media. If you are using the above tactics, be sure to share any of them on social media, including consumer special events, open houses, trade or upgrade opportunities, cheap, user reviews and photos. If you find that users are posting on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, be sure to share those photos with your own followers to attract people to you. Entice people to try out your new service or commodity!

6. Build passive income streams is best to promote products

Growing a business requires significant effort. If you are dealing with a thin razor, consider building a passive income stream. That way, you don't have to worry so much about keeping the light on, so to speak. Passive income will provide you with the opportunity to make mistakes and not have to lose your shirt. It will put you in business and provide you with the basis for faster scale and growth through the provision of resources.

7. Host an Event is best to promote products

Another way to get people to your physical location is to host an event or an open house at your business. Hosting an event is a great way to get people physically into your business, which makes them more likely to become a customer. Events don’t have to be fancy and super organized; something as simple as an open house or an info session will work for locations like salons, fitness centers, famous places like yoga studios, spas, and retail stores. If your business is in a location with other local businesses, you can work together to have a sidewalk sale or outdoor open house to draw even larger crowds! This is a great way to promote a new commodity or service that you’re offering.

8. Email Marketing is best to promote products

Did you know that 82% of consumers open emails from a business, and 44% of email recipients make at least one purchase in the past year based on promotional email? Email marketing via newsletters is a fantastic vehicle for advertisement and is one of the best ways to promote a new service or Commodity. Email newsletters allow you to easily share news of your commodity, things, and information with customers. From there, offering a discount or promotion is the best way to “seal the deal” so to speak, and get cash flowing your way.

9. Offer Customers an Exclusive Preview is best for promote products

Your true customers are a key part of how to promote your commodity because they are most likely the first ones who will purchase it. Offer customers a select preview of your new commodity. This can take the form of a private, pre-launch party, an online preview, or a special invitation to test out your latest office. These exclusive offers to true customers will make them feel good and carry them coming back.

10. In-Store Promotions is best to promote products

Businesses with brick and mortar locations have the added opportunity to promote new products or services in-store. If you want to know how to promote your commodity in your studio or store, the #1 thing you need to do is to give people a reason to go to your store. Aside from having attractive logos and signage, you can promote your new commodity or service in-store with signs and promotional materials inside. Offer exclusive in-store discounts, such as a buy-one-get-one-free or a percentage discount. You could also market your commodity as being exclusively available at your retail store. Whatever your promotion, be sure

11. Share Customer Reviews is best to promote products 

one of the best ways to promote a new commodity or service is to let your customers speak for you by sharing reviews. If you take advantage of some of the ideas previously mentioned and offer an upgrade or free preview to customers, ask them to review the new service or commodity online provide a testimonial for you to share. People will be more likely to sign up or try it out if there’s a review from another customer.

12. Social Media Contests is best to promote products

Contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes are a very famous Tool among top excellence marketers. Why? Marketers know that social media contests work! Social media contests are a fun, easy way of connecting with customers and bringing in more fans for your social media stage. A plain Facebook contest, for example, garners 34% new fans on average per campaign. That’s huge in-view-of that organic reach is low on Facebook! Instagram giveaway gives customers a true chance to be the first person to get their hands on your new commodity—for free! The cheap can be marketed all across your social media channels and through email. Run an Instagram cheap to get more direct traffic, put your business in front of new customers, and for a fun way to connect with fans. Related eBook: Examples of Facebook Contests and Instagram Giveaways (free PDF)

13. Post to Google My Business is best to promote products

You can post about your new commodity or service to Your Google My Business profile in two ways. The first is to make a Google post and choose the “promotion” option. The second is to upload photos of the new commodity or service to your profile. For help, check out Tip for Adding Photos to Your Google My Business Profile. If applicable, you might even want to post some FAQs on the new commodity or service. To learn more, head to How to Post FAQs to Your Google My Business Profile. Get a free audit of your Google My Business Profile Connect your Google account to see how you can easily improve your presence across four key areas of Google local search. We will never share your data or access your contacts—that’s a promise! By continuing you’re agreeing to our terms of use and privacy policy.
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Thursday, November 21, 2019

TTTRICK | tutorial tricks

What is Google AdSense and how to use it for your website trick

 Google AdSense کو آمدنی کا ذریعه کیسے بنائے

What is google adsense and how to use it for your website trick

What is Google AdSense and how to use it for your website trick

دوستوں یہ سب جاننے کے لیے آپ کو یہ جاننا ضروری ہے کہ آپ کو website بناناپڑے گی

آپ website بنائوگے تبھی تو google adsense کو لگائو گے نا اگر کسی دوست نے website

بنا لی ہے تو یہ بہت اچھی بات ہے ۔اگر کسی دوست نے نہیں

بنائی تو اس دوست کو ضرور بتاتا چلو کہ آپ نے کیسے website بنانی ہے

اس میں آپ کو زیا دہ محنت اور زیادہ تعلیم کی 

ضرورت نہیں ہے اس میں صرف آپ کوread and write آتا ہو

آپ کو اس کے بارے میں تھوڑا سا پتہ ہو نا چاہیے اگر آپ کو 


website کیا ہے ؟

website ایک دکان ہے جس پے آپ نے اپنے آنے والے گاہک کے حساب سے

سامان رکھا ہوتا ہے

جیسا کہ آپ ایک دوکان کھولتے ہیں جس میں آپ نے سامان رکھاہوتا ہے کہ

جو گاہک آئے تو اس کو

اس کی منپسند چیز مل جائے ایسے ہی website آپ کی دوکان ہے 

جس میں آپ نے سامان یعنی کہ مواد رکھنا ہوتا ہے کہ جو یوزر آپ کی

website پے آئے

تو اس کو اس کی چیز یا مواد مل جائے مثال کے طور پر آپ گوگل میں

سارچ کرتے ہیں

کہ google adsense کیا ہے اور اس سے کیسے پیسے کمانے ہیں تو اپ اس 

کو گوگل سارچ اینجن میں تلاش کرتے ہیں تو گو گل آپ کو بہت سارا مواد فراہم کرتا ہے

تو اس میں آپ اپنی مرضی کا مواد سلکٹ کرتے ہیں پھر آپ کسی website پے

چلے جاتے ہیں

وہاں آپ کو ساری معلومات ملتی ہے۔ اس پے اس website کے مالک نے

ساری معلومات دی

ہوتی ہے اس طرح آپ نے website بنا کے اس پے مواد ڈالنا ہوتا ہے جو

کہ لوگوں کے کام آسکے

امید کرتا ہو کہ آپ کو website کے بارے میں معلومات ہو گائی ہوگی تو

چلو چلتےہیں اگے کی طرف


فری website کو کیسے بنانا ہے اور اس کا طریقہ کار کیا ہے؟

پہلے میں آپ کو پتاتا چلوں کہ فری website بنانے کے لیے بہت ساری website ہیں

لیکن میں آپکو صرف دو website کا کہوں گا جوکہ ہیں ایک ( بلاگ سپاٹ )

اور ( ورڈپریس )

اس کام کیلیے یہ دونوں اچھی websiteس ہیں اور ان کا آسان طریقہ کار ہے

اس میں آپ نے کرناکیا ہے کہ صرف آپ نے گوگل میں جاکر ان کا address لکھناہے

اور ان کو اوپن کر لینا ہے اس میں آپ کو google account کی ضرورت ہوگی

سب سے پہلے آپ نے گوگل آئی ڈی بنانی ہے اور بھر اوپر دی گائی website پے

کلک کرکے اس مین لوگن کر لینا ہے اس کے بعد آپ نے اپنی website کا

address لکھنا ہے

مثال کو طور پر

یہ بلاگ سپاٹ کے لیے ہے

اور یہ ورڈ پریس کےلیے ہے


TTTRICK | tutorial tricks

What is google adsense and how to use it for your website trick

google adsense کیا ہے اوراس کو website پے کیسے لگانا ہے


اس طرح سے آپ اپنی website کو یو آر ایل دیناہے اور tittle  لکھنا ہے

کہ آپ کی website کا نام کیا ہے یعنی کہ اس میں کس قسم کا مواد ہے اور

پھر creat پے

کلک کردینا ہے اس سے اپ کی website تیار ہوجائے گی اور اس پے post

بنانی ہے

اور اس پی اچھی theme لگانی ہے تو اس سے اپ کی website تیار ہوجائے گی

اپ کے لیے اس کے بعد آپ کو اس کو google search console کے لیے درج

کرنا ہے

google robots کی کماڈ دینی ہے تو اس سے آپ کی website   گوگل کے

لیا تیار ہو جائے گی

آخر میں آجاتا ہے کہ👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊 


پیسے کیسے کمانے ہیں google adsense سے ؟


google adsense سے آپ بہت سارا پیسا کما سکتے ہیں

اس کے لیے آپ کو بہت محنت کرنا پڑے گی اس کے لیے آپ کو بہت اچھی اور خوبصورت

website بنانا ہوگی اور اس میں کم از کم پندرہ سے لے کر بیس post ضرور کرنا ہوگی

یاد رکھیں کہ اس میں آپ کو کچھ ضروری page بنانا ہوں گے

جس میں privacy policy,contact us, sitemap, اور about کا بیج ہونا ضروری ہے

اس کے بنا آپ کبھی بھی اپنی website سے پیسے نہیں کما سکتے

اس کے ساتھ اپ اپنی website پے جتنا مواد ڈال رہے ہیں وہ کاپی کیا ہوا نہ ہو یعنی

کہ ایسا مواد نہ ہو جو پہلے سے کسی اور website پے لکھا یا post کیا گیا

ہو آپ کی website پے جو بھی مواد ہو وہ آپ کا خود کا لکھا ہوا ہو

اور نیا ہو مزید معلومات کے لیے آپ اورپر دیئے گیئے تحریر کو غور سے پڑھیں

اور سمجھیں اور اس پر عمل کریں یہ سب کرنے کے بعد آپ google adsense

کی website پے وزٹ کریں اور اپنا آکائونٹ کھولیں اس کے بعد آپ اپنی

website کا پتہ لکھ کر گوگل کو بھیج دیں گوگل اس کوچک کرے گا

اگر آپ کی website گوگل کے میعار پے پورا اترے گی تو گوگل

آپ کو  اپنی website پر اشتیار چلائے گا جس کے گوگل اپ کو پیسے ادا کر ے گا

اس سے اپ کو اپ کی website سے آمدنی شروع ہو جائے گی اگر آپ کو اس کے

بارے میں کچھ سمجھ نہیں آیا تو آپ مجھے comment کر سکتے ہیں

میں آپ کی اس میں مدد کرونگا اور آپ کی problem حل کرنے کی کوشش ضرور

کروگا شکریہ 


 TTTRICK | tutorial tricks

What is google adsense and how to use it for your website trick

google adsense کیا ہے اوراس کو website پے کیسے لگانا ہے


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